Who we are

A team of highly experienced strategic communications and marketing specialists with a wealth of knowledge and practice built from designing, managing and implementing complex projects, programs and campaigns across varying environments.

Richard Burns

Richard has 40 years in Marketing & Communications and specialises in the design and implementation of social & behaviour change projects across Africa.
Richard has lived and worked across the continent as Director of Social Marketing for the Exp Group, founded the ESM foundation in Ghana and has been a S&BC technical advisor and sub-contractor on multiple USAID, UKAID, World Bank/IFC and UNICEF projects.
Richard has an in-depth knowledge of both the development industry and is an innovative strategic thinker. Together with Co-Director, Colin Mandell he has designed multiple engagement and communications projects that have exceeded outcome expectations and as a team they bring a wealth of experience and insight into the SkillBridge Behaviour & Learning offering.  

Colin Mandell

Colin has been in the Communications, Marketing and Behaviour Change space for the past 30 years, through his NGO YouthLink, his 13 years at Exp Social Marketing and now as Director of SkillBridge Behavior & Learning.
He has used his writing, strategic, theatre and event marketing skills to create and craft myriad campaigns for Behaviour Change interventions across the African continent and in the UK.
Colin has, over this time (together with co-director Richard Burns) developed the many tools and processes that SkillBridge Behaviour & Learning utilise when crafting campaigns and interventions for clients.